The Compass Protection Plan is one of the extended warranty plans administered by American Guardian. It is the oldest member of the Compass Family of Products, and has proved to be a popular program.

Types of Coverage

There are three different levels of coverage within the Compass Protection Plan: Platinum, Silver, and Bronze.





























What is not covered? Only what you would expect.

Routine maintenance items such as oil, coolant, fluids, refrigerant, and others are not covered. Items that routinely need replacement such as the battery, tires, brake pads, brake drums, brake shoes, exhaust system, and shock absorbers are not covered. Appearance concerns and exterior items such as bright metal, vinyl, ornaments, wheel covers, and paint are not covered. Interior items such as upholstery, buttons, carpet, door and window handles are not covered.

100% Guaranteed Part Replacement

If a part covered by the contract fails a second time during the term of the contract, all repair charges are paid by your Compass Protection Plan. No Deductible. No Extra Repair Charges. Guaranteed.

Additional Benefits

All Compass Protection Packages include the following additional benefits:

Wear & Use

Included in all coverage levels, is the replacement of covered components resulting from the gradual reduction in performance due to normal wear and use, when the wear exceeds the manufacturer’s specification.

Rental Assistance
In the event of a mechanical breakdown of a covered part, you will be reimbursed for actual expenses incurred for substitute transportation up to $35.00 per day, for five (5) days, not to exceed $175.00 per occurrence.

Trip Interruption Assistance
Provides reimbursement up to $225 for meal and lodging expenses incurred when a covered breakdown disables your vehicle more than 100 miles from your hometown.

Roadside Assistance
Compass Protection Plan provides National Roadside Assistance through Nation Safe Drivers for towing and other emergency needs. If you have a breakdown or need other assistance, call the toll free number 24 hours a day.

Agreement Transferability
In the event that You sell the covered Vehicle to another private party, You may apply for transfer of coverages to the new owner. See Terms and Conditions for necessary procedures.

Flexible Deductibles
Choose the deductible that fits your budget and your driving needs.

Accepted Nationwide
Compass Protection Plan service contracts are accepted by repair facilities anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Claims can be paid by corporate credit cards to expedite your repair.

Nation Safe Drivers Motor Club

Towing Assistance
If towing assistance becomes necessary due to the Breakdown of a covered component, towing Costs not payable by insurance will be covered for up to $100.00 per occurrence. You must contact Nation Safe Drivers prior to receiving towing assistance at 1-866-330-7623. Producer Code: 46547. Plan Letter "AB".

Battery Service
If a battery failure occurs, a jump-start will be applied to start the covered vehicle.

Flat Tire Service
Tire service includes removal of the flat tire and its replacement with the covered vehicle’s spare tire.

Emergency Fluid/Fuel Delivery Service 
An emergency supply of coolant, oil, water or fuel will be delivered to your covered vehicle at place of disablement. You will pay the cost of the actual fluid or fuel when delivered.

Lock-Out Assistance
If your keys are locked inside the covered vehicle, assistance will be provided to gain entry to the vehicle.

Out-of-Pocket Expense
Just sign and go, there are no receipts to submit for reimbursement.

Roadside Assistance 
When you need it 24 hours a day 365 days a year, just call 1-866-330-7623. please consult your agreement for Producer code and Plan letter.


The Compass Protection Plan is administered exclusively by American Guardian Warranty Services, Inc., an A+ rated member of the Better Business Bureau.

Coverage Comparison

The grid below shows which items are covered by which package, under the Compass Protection Plan.

                                            Bronze                              Silver                                    Platinum

Engine                                      X                                      X                                                X

Transmission                          X                                      X                                                X

Drive Axle                                X                                      X                                                X

Air Conditioning                      X                                      X                                                X

Electrical                                 X                                      X                                                X

Taxes & Fluids                        X                                      X                                                X

Seals & Gaskets                    *X                                    *X                                                X

Wear & Use                             X                                      X                                                X

Extended Drivetrain                                                       X                                                X

Extended Air Conditioning                                             X                                                X

Extended Electrical                                                        X                                                X

Engine Cooling                                                                X                                                X

Engine Fuel                                                                     X                                                X

Front Suspension                                                           X                                                X

Steering                                                                           X                                                X

Brakes                                                                              X                                               X

High Technology                                                            *X                                               X

Rear Suspension                                                                                                              X

Commercial Use                                                                                                              *X

Emmissions                                                                                                                       X

Exclusionary                                                                                                                      X

* see contract for specific details